15 April 2009

Old shepherd woman

Conducting a sheep herd


Owen Phillips said...

Arnaud, between yourself and Loulou, I think the two of you are two of the most extraordinary photographers out there in the blogosphere... I hope your work is also getting published for fair compensation in other appropriate outlets ??? Like National Geographic or something to that effect... These portraits are awesome. Particularly liked the green eyed girl. Many thanks for your comments on the magic lantern and for your email, it is a pleasure to get your insight and humor !

Loulou said...

@ Owen: this is too much...but this is certainly very nice and Arnaud won't say the opposite, THANKS for positive feedback and compliments.
India is definitely very inspiring!
Take care.

Arnaud said...

@Owen : Agree with Loulou ! ;-)
And thank you so much for following our blogs. At least MINE ! ;-P

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