23 April 2009

Last picture of Ladakh

After 50 posts on Ladakh, time has come for urban and modern world.


My name is Erin. said...

Thanks for sharing! I look forward to Urban and modern as well.

Owen said...

Am not tired of the mountains yet, you can do that for as long as you like as far as I'm concerned ! You all must be in pretty good shape... that looks like some serious hiking. But whatever, am looking forward to seeing what comes next !

Loulou said...

Arnaud, the good thing with having you out of the country, and probably far from any computer (!), is that we can say what we like and... what we don't like without any moderation (all word meanings are expected!). ;-))))

You gave us a fantastic tour over Ladakh through the collection of pictures you shared, and we can't wait to go there now (starting with my husband and some other bikers who will stay in Delhi during summer ; for me, I'll wait for another opportunity!).

This last shot takes us to another planet, lonely, peaceful, colourful, but not the colours we can enjoy on a daily basis here in India, through ladies'fabrics, old stones, flowers in the temples or funny signages, no, natural and changing colours, which make your pictures unique.

Take care in Nepal, see you,

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