31 January 2009


Gods in Saket market

Colored mugs

On Saket Road

30 January 2009

Dry Fruits

In Old Delhi

Taj Mahal

Impossible not to have THE Taj Mahal

29 January 2009

Heavily loaded ?

Rajasthan road

Royal Stable

Fatehpur Sikri

28 January 2009

One seat left ?

On Bharatpur to Deeg road

Pillar details

Qtub Minar

27 January 2009

Wood handicraft

Can't be closer to the railways

Indian Railways

Classic !

26 January 2009

Black face Monkey

From the car (stopped !)


In Mount Abu

25 January 2009

Kind of Black Gull

Mount Abu Lake

Rajasthani girl

On the road to Mount Abu

24 January 2009

Colored pillar

Dungarpur Palace

Lili garden

Taj Lake Palace

23 January 2009

3 generations on a scooter

In Udaipur streets

Holi colors

Colored powders for Holi festival

22 January 2009

Udaipur by night

From the Lake Palace

Rajasthani puppets

In a puppet shop in Udaipur

21 January 2009


Inside the Jain temple

Three women going back home

There are three, bringing wood

20 January 2009

Mystery in Kumbalgarh

One of the numerous temples inside the walls

Dedicace to Loulou

THREE women on a truck

19 January 2009

Elephant Hill (Narlai - Rajasthan)

Two kids at the top

Just starring

18 January 2009

Street child in Jodhpur

Black & White

And in color

17 January 2009

Pink woman and green beans

In Jaisalmer streets

Golden portrait

At the top of Jaisalmer fort

16 January 2009

Woman in blue

In the street of Narlai



Camel driver

At the top of dunes

15 January 2009

Colored Pigeon

Indian pigeon


Playing music is so tiring !

14 January 2009


Sunset on Mandir Palace

Golden Fort of Jaisalmer


Fast-food for cows

13 January 2009

Colored clothes

Jodhpur street


Mobile "Toast-shop"

12 January 2009

Red Hot Chilli

In Jodhpur market

Spices of India

Spices colors in Jodhpur market

11 January 2009


Palace and Slum

Child at work

Rajasthani child

10 January 2009


At the zoo

Camel's jewellers

On the road to Pushkar

9 January 2009


Around Humayun Tomb

Indian Eagle

Around Humayun Tomb


Delhi Zoo leopard


Woman walking to the temple
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