9 April 2009

Hunder Gompa Monk

Lonely and smily monk 


Loulou said...

Ce portrait est magnifique, souriant, plein de joie et de vie, sa propre lumière irradie. Mais qu'il soit "Lonely" ? pas sur ce cliché !

PS - should I turn my comments into English from now on... since it seems that you have only English comments on Random Shots? :-)

Arnaud said...

About "Lonel", may be my 5 years old child vocabulary is not accurate enough !
This monk lived alone in this Gompa, taking care of washing floors, maintaining the gompa, a huge Buddha statue and the stony track from the road 500 ft below !
That's the full picture of him !

nam said...

ps - plz ...if u don mind...yes :)

Loulou said...

@ Nam...ok :-) I meant to say that the picture was great, smiling, full of joy and life, and it was as if the light was coming from inside... and that it was certainly not expressing loneliness to me.
Of course, now we have the very context, it explains a lot!

@ Arnaud: très beau cliché vraiment (nice picture)

Arnaud said...

You're right, Loulou.
This monk was really full of joy and life. Even without speaking english, he made us laugh with mimics and gestures. And when we had to leave, he shook our hands so long and so hard that my friend thought he broke his hand ! ;-)

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