20 December 2009


Pause de quelques jours pour cause de vacances de Noël.
Je vous retrouverai avec grand plaisir l'année prochaine !

Hair wash duo

Same towels, same long black beautiful hairs !

19 December 2009

Chess and Mat

Master and Trainee ?

17 December 2009

Old sadness

Seems as sad as I am tonight !

Need a comb !

Long hair never liked wind !

15 December 2009

Straight or not ?

Seems relativity also applies here ...

14 December 2009


Bhaktapur - Nepal

13 December 2009

Sheep or Chameleon ?

In the old city of Bhakthapur

12 December 2009

11 December 2009

10 December 2009

9 December 2009

8 December 2009


Do you think I scared her ?

Man in pink

7 December 2009

Papaya seller

She doesn't seem to agree to my click...

4 December 2009


Early morning, all around the world, glancing at the news is same ritual !

3 December 2009

I feel good...

Feeling reliefed !

2 December 2009

30 November 2009

29 November 2009

Green elephant

Beautiful elephant mask in malakit

28 November 2009


Bicolor dress code

Legacy from british colonies ?

27 November 2009

Digital Photo Studio

Green or Blue ?

25 November 2009

Exhibition and Contest


With my friends Loulou (Indiaphragme) and Pierre (Flagrant Delhi), we will exhibit our work at the French Mela and sale it to support a French Charity association.
Venue : French Embassy School, 2,Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi
Date : Saturday November 28th
Timing : 10:00am - 5:00pm
Entrance : FREE

In addition, I also compete at the office in a "Portrait" photo contest with the 2 following photos.

I also post the photo below clicked by my loved daughter Lucie (10), because I was very proud of her shots. One of my colleagues already told me she prefers Lucie's photo !!

Red Hot Pepsi Pepper

Too early ?

24 November 2009

Weekly day off

In Katmandu, most of small shops have beautiful textured walls !

23 November 2009

22 November 2009

Ring reflection

Can u see me ?

21 November 2009

Dancing in the street

In Bhaktapur, this young girl played with her chawl and danced in the street.

20 November 2009

19 November 2009

Back from shopping

Main street of Mandawa

18 November 2009

Haveli wall

Typical wall of Mandawa's havelis

17 November 2009


Having a break ...

16 November 2009

Painted archs

In one of the several havelis of Mandawa...

15 November 2009

Recycling rickshaws

Now used as dryers !

14 November 2009

Rajasthani road/traffic

On the road from Mandawa to Delhi

13 November 2009


You know stock-car events, where they crash cars ?
Seems in India, they do the same with coaches !!!

12 November 2009

Painted Advertising

Top trendy designs

11 November 2009

10 November 2009

Pilar support

Young boy thinking of ???

9 November 2009

Photo exhibition

An important date for me has been confirmed...
Friday November 20th will be my first solo-photo exhibition !!!

The venue is in the premises of the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi.
Part of proceeds from the sale of photos will go to the Canassist Society (Charity association).
Around 30 different photographs will be displayed this evening.

Due to security reasons, only invited people will be able to enter the compound. If you are interested, drop me a mail so I can check to add your name on the security list.


Young girl in Mandawa backstreets

8 November 2009


Dedicace to my colleague and friend Pierre (Flagrant Delhi) who is very sucessful in door sales ;-)

7 November 2009

Coming back with water

Mandawa (Rajasthan)

6 November 2009

Color and texture

Twin archways in the courtyard of Mandawa Castle (Rajasthan)

5 November 2009

Reflection-like pose

Two nice orange women smiling at our children

Going forward or backward ?

On the road to Shekawati (Rajasthan)

4 November 2009

On the way to pilgrim

I don't know where he was proceeding to, but, anyway, he seemed motivated to go !

Yes, it runs !

Now, you understand why I had some delay to update my blog ? :-)
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