31 May 2009

Bicycle protection

May be the more efficient protection for cyclist ?

30 May 2009

Young Beggar

Coming from nowhere when the train stopped near Mathura

29 May 2009

Rocker or Locker ?

At Delhi railway station, he sells chains to lock your case for the train journey

28 May 2009

27 May 2009

Drinking a tchai...

...Waiting for shoes to polish

26 May 2009

Begging at (traffic) light

Car driver doesn't seem really concerned...

25 May 2009

Guard : House or Body ?

Any trick to play Whitney Houston's song when this picture is displayed ? ;-)

24 May 2009

Looking for money

A fruit transaction

23 May 2009

Waiting for the ferry

One cigarette...

or a sip of water...

22 May 2009


In a tourist cave (Koh Lanta). Seems to be a male ! ;-)

What a nose !

21 May 2009

Koh Lanta

South-West coast : Fishboat at low tide
3 boats for Loulou... See there

20 May 2009

19 May 2009

18 May 2009

Speedboat trip

Leaving Railay...

...for a crowded beach !!!

17 May 2009

People in Railay

Building worker pausing

Tourist guide waiting for a prey...oups, sorry... for a customer ! ;-)

16 May 2009


Which one to rest on ?

15 May 2009

Railay West

Without modifying any saturation... But I think I should have level it down a bit...
Nature was too much !!!

14 May 2009

13 May 2009

Wedding flower

Looks like it 's waiting for the bride to come....

Ralay East at low tide

A bit too muddy to call it beach, isn't it ?

12 May 2009


Yep, it's the one I used for my photo ID on Blogger, but a bit larger !

May I ?

On Railay beach (Krabi), looking for an authorization from "above" ?

11 May 2009

Spring in Nehru Park

An Unknown flower...

Ultra fast food

At the entrance of National Railway Museum (Delhi)

10 May 2009

First feelings from Nepal

To let you feel about Nepali people, and to wait for my picture in some weeks, I would like to exceptionnally publish some pictures I didn't shoot !!!
It is done with respect to all copyrights and intellectual property laws.
The photographer is my 10-years old daughter who borrowed my camera once, twice, then almost 4-5 times a day... ;-)

Feel free to react !
First two pictures are native ones, whereas the last one has been slightly cropped.

In Katmandu market

Hunting eagle

On Turtle beach, during low tide, eagles come to hunt small fishes trapped in puddles

How to make a giant omelet ?

Just crash into this truck !

9 May 2009

Palolem sunsets


Crow-ded view

Trunk-ed perspective

Back and news

Returned from Nepal since Sunday, I still didn't find time to look at the 2000 shots I took.
I hope some of them will be good enough to be shared with you.

In the mean time, I focused to prepare my very first photo exhibition.
It will be on May 14th in the French Embassy in Delhi, and is named "Regards sur l'Inde".
This exhibition will present 5 photographers, all members of "Delhi Accueil" french-speaking association and pictures will be sold to benefit a charity.
Hope the visitors will like and buy them ! :-)

8 May 2009

Beach carpenters

Building a boat for fishermen

Fisherman boat in Palolem

7 May 2009

Rusted boat

Grounded on the river shore

Panjim Cathedral

6 May 2009

Old Panjim houses

Papier maché

Painted Devil face for Diwali festival

5 May 2009

Delhi traffic (Part 3)

From 2 to 6 wheelers

A pavement ? What for ?

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