30 September 2009

Rainbow bird

This time, I really think it is a kingfisher !

29 September 2009

28 September 2009

27 September 2009

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary tracks

6:30am week day : Park is not really busy !

26 September 2009

Brown and black

I definitively know anything to bird !!! ;-(

25 September 2009


Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a few tenths of kilometers from Delhi and hosts a lot of birds species.

23 September 2009

Varanasi : End of journey !

Dear readers,

Here is the end of my pretty long Varanasi serie !
I hope you enjoyed walking down the streets with me. I wish you to visit this amazing city, and if you have the opportunity, it definitively worth it !
A last photo before going back to Delhi...

22 September 2009

Copper embossery

Varanasi backstreets are really full of life and artists

Loulou, finally, not so perfect.... Hope you're not too disappointed ! ;-P

21 September 2009

Potatoes and Red Onions Dealer

10 meters after the Green one !

20 September 2009

Green Vegetable Dealer

In one of the numerous backstreets of Varanasi

19 September 2009

18 September 2009


A special dedicace to PierredesIndes at his knowledge of birds !

17 September 2009

Hair cut

A bit too short for me !

16 September 2009

Drinking ...

How to drink in India !
This photo may surprise both western and indian people.
Indians because it is their daily life and how they always drink water from a bottle, so why bloggin about that ?
Western because it is very unusual for them to drink like this !

15 September 2009

Musical peacock

Walking on the bank, I saw this very unusual peacock.

14 September 2009

13 September 2009

12 September 2009

Drying colored sheets

On the banks, close to an ashram

11 September 2009

Varanasi Ghats

Once again, a "cliche" from Ganga river banks

10 September 2009

People of Varanasi (19)

Nam, can you give some explanations of the (white? grey?) make-up ?

9 September 2009

8 September 2009

7 September 2009

People of Varanasi (17)

Praying Sadhu at dawn

6 September 2009

People of Varanasi (16)

This "People of Varanasi" serie will never end ! ;-)

5 September 2009

Old Blue Riding Hood

Ne lui trouvez vous pas un air de ressemblance avec "les Vamps" ?

4 September 2009

Praying the sun

Warm thanks to Nam, for her explanations on the prayers.

3 September 2009

Blue bird

May be a Kingfisher ?

2 September 2009

Smile !

No ? Ok... next time may be ?

1 September 2009

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