29 April 2009

Kotla Market

Sikh on the road to the market

Young reseller


jeff34 said...

Que de magnifiques regards empreints de générosité ! Tu as un sacré talent, mais je ne t'apprends rien de ce côté, pour t'exprimer avec tes images !
Je voyage à chaque fois que je viens sur ton blog ! Ton travail est différent de celui de Loulou bien que vous opérez en Inde ! Votre regard, différent est un sacré bonheur pour les bloggers !
Merci !


My name is Erin. said...

I just cannot believe the light in these shots! Especially the reseller. It's like you set it up in a studio! Absolutely wonderful! I LOVE them! I would love to photograph more people. You're such an inspiration!

Loulou said...

Arnaud, great portrait with the sikh one. Orange and the grey scale is the way I like it, and... the "cow wood" as a background, is just perfect!

The reseller should go and try to start some Bollywood movies, quite handsome :-)

See you soon, take care

PS - I will be flying later this morning, enjoy the end of your stay with family in Nepal, we can't wait for your shots when you return!

Arnaud said...

@jeff34 : Merci. Pour situer. Kotla Market est un marche ou Loulou sevit aussi car c'est une effervescence, une source d'inspiration perpetuelle !

@Erin : Thanks. I'm really honored by being considered as an inspiration... ;-) If you have an opportunity, jump, and try to shoot people, it's all about eyes, attitude ... and luck ! ;-)

@Loulou : For the reseller, I'll let you make him a proposal ! ;-)

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