10 April 2009

Nubra valley

Beautiful road laces

Military trucks vs Nature


asd said...

Bon celle là est juste magnifique, j'adore les grands angles avec perspecive

Anonymous said...

1st Picture: Nice composition but a major fault. Check the shadow on the road in left part. Also notice that left part of the picture is darker than the right part. When composing a picture, check the frame for either a gradient or even light composition. Shadows are to be avoided at all costs.

2nd Picture: You have two continuous objects in the picture. The road and the river and you fail to follow them both. You could have either captured the complete road or the complete river. But instead you captured none. We can neither see the complete path of the river nor the complete road. Always keep in mind the subject of the picture. What was your subject here? Road or the river?

Anonymous said...

By the way, the shots are actually great, provided they are to end up in a family album only. But if you seek to be an artist, then no.

Arnaud said...

Anonymous : Thanks for your comments, but I would have preferred a better relationship instead of Anonymous one. Considering your comment on your 2nd picture, I would suggest you to read the text. I don't write so much so should not be too difficult.
In this shot, the goal was to capture neither the river nor the road, but to show the ratio between the scenery and the military trucks !
Concerning shadows to be avoided at all costs, I strongly disagree, even if you are right for this specific picture !

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