30 April 2009

Smiling mamma

Happy walker

Starring in the spices

Young boy at spices stand

29 April 2009

Kotla Market

Sikh on the road to the market

Young reseller

26 April 2009

Bird in Ranthambore

Bird at lookout

With its reflection

25 April 2009

Tchaï tasting

Railway pedestrian crossing

Sorry Loulou, but there were only two of them ! ;-(

24 April 2009

Contrast with Ladakh !

Open-roof truck

Hi-tech Attraction

23 April 2009

Last picture of Ladakh

After 50 posts on Ladakh, time has come for urban and modern world.

22 April 2009

Descent through the red valley

Going down to cross the river...

then climbing up on the other bank !

Top pass of the trek

Altitude : 17,000ft
The 4 kids from 7 to 10 yrs old did it !

21 April 2009


Dear readers,
I'll be out of station for few days but I already scheduled some posts not to starve you.
I hope I'll be able to shoot some acceptable pictures from Nepal to give you the motivation to go and visit this place.
I'll be back in 10 days !

Shepherd women

The old

and the young

20 April 2009

Last night camp

Arrival at the camp at 15,600ft

Wheat field at 12,000 ft !

I confess...
 I used a polar filter ! ;-)

Restaurant in Markha valley

Rest point in an amazingly scenic landscape

19 April 2009

Mani stones

Beautiful carved stones used for praying.

18 April 2009

Ladakhi children

They just come to chat and play with us. Was great to share some fruits with them.

17 April 2009

Beautiful ladakhi woman

Walking up the valley

Resting at a small pass

16 April 2009

Women at work

Bringing reeds on her back

Drink walli starring at customers

15 April 2009

Old shepherd woman

Conducting a sheep herd

Markha valley

After one week of ride, I came back to Delhi to welcome my sister (with her husband and 2 children). And we all came back to Ladakh for a 5-days treck in Markha valley. Landscapes were so beautiful that I shot and shot and shot.... 

But I would like to inspire the emotions we've got with local villagers and kids all along the valley

14 April 2009





13 April 2009

Kashmiri scholar girls

Shy tibetan girl

Green eyes but still shy !

12 April 2009

Different places, different views, but always beautiful !

Indus Valley from Khardung La road

World most beautiful loo view

11 April 2009

Old grocery customer...

...Resting before going back home

Ladakhi hitchhikers

2 hitchhikers, we picked up on the road back to Leh

10 April 2009

Nubra valley

Beautiful road laces

Military trucks vs Nature

French flag stupas

Vive la France !

9 April 2009

8 April 2009

Sand at high altitude

Dunes in the Nubra valley

Royal Parking

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