20 April 2009

Last night camp

Arrival at the camp at 15,600ft


jelb said...

Beautiful composition..great landscape..bravo!

Owen said...

wow, incredible place... and they have a high speed internet connection too up there so you could post these fantastic photos ? Or did you just upload them with a wave of a magic wand? Between you and Loulou, there is alot of magic in the air these days! LOL !

Adrian LaRoque said...

Great post wonderful image.

Loulou said...

Camp seems so tiny... Landscape is amazing and your shot even more!
Beautiful place in this world

Arnaud said...

@jelb : Thanks
@Owen : No ADSL there, but GSM is OK at the pass (5,100m) about 1 hour from there !!! ;-)
@Adrian : The landscape is wonderful, I just caught it with the camera
@Loulou : Thanks

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