22 November 2009

Ring reflection

Can u see me ?


jeff said...

Quel superbe détail ! J'adore ce métal qui, là, sur la photo, manque un peu de musique ! ! !...;-)
On n'arrive pas à te voir dans cette réflection !...

Ciao amigo !

Owen said...

Can just barely see what must be someone behind a camera, but perhaps the vibration of the ringing bicycle bell rendered the reflection just a little fuzzy ?

This evening at the birthday party for a friend, I met a photographer whose work you may appreciate... his name is André Pelle, if you have a minute do take a look at :


Arnaud said...

Jeff, Owen : Ca me rassure, moi aussi, je n'arrive pas à me voir ! :-P

Babzy said...

On t'aperçoit ... :)

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