11 November 2009

Peacock shadow


sprabs said...

Where did you spot this, they are getting increasingly rare to spot in NCR.

jeff said...

Ombres magnifiques...!
Silouhettes délicates !...
Photo magnifique !

Ciao amigo !

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very impressive picture!

Sishir said...

Amazing shot!!!
Great timing, i must say.

Arnaud said...

@sprabs : Mandawa - Shekawati - Rajasthan. You're right, peacocks can be heared in Delhi, but difficult to spot them.
@Jeff & Rakesh : Thanks !
@Sishir : I spent so much time to negociate with the peacock to have it at the right place at the right time, ;-P I really appreciated the result. Thanks for sharing !

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