15 November 2009

Recycling rickshaws

Now used as dryers !


Owen said...

OMG ! What is it ? I'd hate to see that in my rearview mirror bearing down on me ! And what on earth are the round patties being dried in the sun ??? Some kind of animal waste being converted to fuel, I'd wager ??? If not that, what ? An original kind of Indian taco shells or whole wheat mini-pizza crusts ? Endless mysteries here....

@eloh said...

I vote for the fuel dryer.. oh please let it be non-edible.

Very colorful and interesting picture.

AmyR said...

Wow, that would be very resourceful.

Love the colors and textures.

jeff said...

Ma voiture ! ! ! Voilà où elle se trouvait !... Je ne sais pas si je pourrais redémarrer ? ! ?...;-)))

Ciao amigo !

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