8 June 2009

Under pressure

from my dear blogreaders... Here is the whole family !


Loulou said...

Such a nice family (three!): baby is cute, nice bangles too and khol around the eyes (same as in Egypt...), father has wonderful shirt (nice design!) and the lady in white and orange has a sweet smile, shy but proud!
A great capture of India in one shot.
Your portraits are really captivating.
See you

jeff34 said...

Loulou a bien raison ! Quelle belle famille ! Ces gens sont tout simplement beaux...! Et ça se passe de texte, pas de commentaires ! Ta photo se suffit à elle-même... et il n'y rien de péjoratif !
Bon, ceci dit, cette femme est superbe aussi, et je me pose la question... quand tu as écrit "without baby" si...! Enfin simple question...!...

Sérieux, t'as réellement un sacré coup d'oeil, sacré shot ! Je me demande si je ne t'envie pas ton talent ! Un peu jaloux peut-être... que certains soient en Inde pour envoyer de si belles images !...'foiré !

Ciao amigo !...;')

Arnaud said...

@Loulou : Thanks, but there are so many captivating subjects in India, it doesn't really require special ability. Just shoot and click !
@Jeff34 : Bonne question ! ;-) Je réfléchis à ma réponse et ... peut être la donnerai ! ;-)

Rain said...

They radiate happiness! The air of happiness perhaps? :)

Loulou said...

Arnaud, you know very well that's not enough to make such portraits... but your modesty is an honour for us.

Owen said...

What a gorgeous family... ! Well, I'm not sure I believe either Arnaud or Loulou as to how easy it may or may not be to take good photos in India... just point and click ? I think the photographer even so has a small role to play... but then again, with over one billion people in India, I guess there must be alot of photogenic folks out there.

Anyway, whatever, keep up the good work, both of you, I'm sorry, I can't help my enthusiasm... it is no doubt a result of the commotion my head has received in all those car accidents... remember ? LOL :-D

A great week to both of you !

desi said...

Hi arnaud!

I'm going to ask a really stupid question here..all the clever people here forgive me...what is that black (Kohl) around the baby's eyes? Does it mean something special?

Okay, stupid question asked..


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