30 May 2010

Pink Tuk-tuk

Une dédicace spéciale pour Laurence et Jean-Yves suite à leur Pink Party !


...louciao... said...

If they used these in a certain hamlet in the Northwest Territories of Canada they would be called Tuktoyaktuk tuk-tuks. I think they could catch on there...except for the snowy season, which is most of the year.

Clytie said...

I love the color! What a cute way to get around.

korinou said...

Couleur de circonstance !

Merisi said...

Such brilliance!
I have seen these little scooters all over Italy, often used as a pickup truck, but never ever with a row of seats in the back, fantastic. ;-)

I went through several of your posts and I am in awe of your skills - you are an extraordinary photographer, congratulations!

Owen said...

Too cute ! Look at those little wheels !

I think you could do a beautiful photo shoot with this and a crowd of young girls around it wearing pink ballerina tutus... like a Degas painting ? But it's beautiful too as a stand alone here... I wonder what its driver looks like ???

Tuk tuk ! Yuk Yuk !

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