31 May 2010


Organized and planned by Le Corbusier


Owen said...

So is it a peaceful place ???

Clytie said...

I hope the city lives up to the sign!

Babzy said...

un rien mystérieux , quel est cet endroit ?

Arnaud said...

Chandigarh is a real exception in India.
Capital of 2 states (Punjab + Haryana) this city has been entirely designed by Le Corbusier to be user-oriented.
Finding your way in Chandigarh is much easier than anywhere else in India. It's the only place I visited where an address is relevant and useful !!!
A lake has also been created for the inhabitants to rest and enjoy the peace of the nature !
Pavements are clear and clean. Traffic is regulated as per western expectations (almost...).
This is really a peaceful city I visited.
Even if there is not so much to visit, I highly recommend it if you stay in India long enough ! Or if you need to have a break from Incredible India and find kind of roots ! :-)

Babzy said...

thanks for the explanations , very interesting :)

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