24 May 2010

Perspective and colors (2/2)


Owen said...

Does one peddle with one's hands on this contraption, or simply with one's feet but with legs way up in the air ??? And how does one steer, if one is peddling with the hands ??? With one's mouth ???

Is this how you get around Delhi Arnaud ? I thought you had one of those motorcycles you rode up into the mountains a while back ?

How much longer will you be out in India ? Any travel to France planned for this summer???

cara said...

I absolutely love this blog.

Εscape said...

Great scene. Bravo.!


Arnaud said...

@Owen : One peddles with both hands (metallic handles on small red wheels), and steers with one hand (black steer stick ). Obviously, you have to lose 50% of power to correct the trajectory, but if you think as an army tank pilot, you should be able to partially correct the trajectory by stopping peddling on the correct wheel ! :-)
@Cara : You're most welcome to come and visit it ! Thank you for your comment.
@Escape : Thanks !

Arnaud said...

@Owen : My stay in India will stop very very soon (1 month), and my next destination is ... France ! :-(

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