21 May 2009

Koh Lanta

South-West coast : Fishboat at low tide
3 boats for Loulou... See there


jeff34 said...

Mais que je me fais du mal à voir de si beaux paysages... Je ferme les yeux !...et même les yeux fermés, j'entends le ruisseau et le bruit des vagues !...
( J'exagère juste un peu...! )

Owen said...

Arnaud, could you please come by and pick me up in one of these boats, lets go find a quiet island to explore, do some fishing, drink a little wine... maybe Loulou could come too, and Jeff, we could have a fine day of it, finish with a fire on the beach ?

I suppose the Tsunami would have washed ashore here ? Any signs of it left these days ?

Arnaud said...

@Jeff34 : Juste un peu ? :-)
@Owen : Remaining signs of tsunami are still very visible underwater ! A lot of coral reefs are broken at in will take decades to recover, if global warming doesn't kill them !

nam said...

I like the vivid colours n the contrast in the first one..!!
the blue sky...green trees..and the dead weeds on rocks..!!!

The second one looks ....ah.. so peaceful :)

Loulou said...

@ Arnaud: The second one is really beautiful! The clouds seem to be the shadow of the foreground...
And of course the presence of 3 boats makes it just... perfect :-)
PS - is it my imagination or... the horizon is not straight? :-)

@ Jeff: mais non tu ne te fais pas mal, tu te fais même du mal. Ces images te transportent dans des contrées inconnues, te rappellent peut-être même des lieux s'en rapprochant, des heures, des personnes que tu as rencontrées, aimées, détestées... parce que la vie est belle, dans tout ce qui nous entoure. Je suis d'accord, des lieux pareils, c'est presque "too much" de beauté...

@ Owen: always ready for some (little, why little) wine.

Take care all

Arnaud said...

@Loulou : You're right, boats are going down ;-)
@Owen : Are you asking for a date ? ;-P Anyway, a glass of wine would have been perfect on this beach. Unfortunately, I only had beers !

Loulou said...

No wine in Thailand? This country is definitely not for me. Ok, alright, we'll survive some days with local cocktails and beers. Such place deserves some efforts, right?
PS - here in India, so that you know, we can find some pretty good wine, nice rhum (Old monk, nice vanillia taste) and regular worldwide cocktails such as mojitos etc etc... we will survive!

Arnaud said...

In India, I'll recommend Goa for cocktails and cheap good alcohol (30 Rs a glass of porto wine). It was sooooo gooood !
About Thailand, there are good wine but I didn't buy one before going on this beach, so I switch to "survival mode" and drink a beer... may be not only one ... in fact, I don't really remember !

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