10 May 2009

First feelings from Nepal

To let you feel about Nepali people, and to wait for my picture in some weeks, I would like to exceptionnally publish some pictures I didn't shoot !!!
It is done with respect to all copyrights and intellectual property laws.
The photographer is my 10-years old daughter who borrowed my camera once, twice, then almost 4-5 times a day... ;-)

Feel free to react !
First two pictures are native ones, whereas the last one has been slightly cropped.

In Katmandu market


Adrian LaRoque said...

Great portrait!

nam said...

you have competition Arnaud..!!!! :)

really nice portraits..!!!
Gives a feel of Nepal....

Arnaud said...

@Adrian : Thanks
@Nam : Yes, but if she starts to compete too much, I can still forbid her to use my camera ! Hey ! I'm her dad ! ;-)

nam said...

hmmm...not a good dad then :P

Arnaud said...

Nam... I never said I was a good dad ! :-)

Loulou said...

Congratulations to Lucie, she has THE eye already!
I like the two guys in praticular, pls tell her she did great job
See you, Loulou

PS - yes, I am back from Egypt ;-)

My name is Erin. said...

What a talented girl!

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