25 May 2009

Guard : House or Body ?

Any trick to play Whitney Houston's song when this picture is displayed ? ;-)


jeff34 said...

A mon avis, le magnum est planqué sous la selle ! Quelle dégaine ce mec !... Il est tout simplement "magnifique" !


Loulou said...

Would not feel safe with such a guy as a body guard...
He looks like coming from any local mafia... doesn't he?
It is always a question of attitude.

Arnaud said...

Mafia ?
Because of the sunglasses ?
Or of the cigarillo ? :-)

Loulou said...

both! :-)

ArtSparker said...

Not the Whitney Houston! Please!

Here via Loulou's blog, I can see why she has linked you. You both seem to connect with your subjects so intimately.

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