18 October 2009

The pink lady

Pink on pink !


@eloh said...

Beautiful sharp colors, she is quite pleased at having her photo snaped,

bEAST said...

Nice collection you got here. Amateur myself. Giving you feed back, but then again, Im an amateur myself.

I always understood camera handling to consist of two things. The frame and the angle. You seem to be good of frame, but your angles lack anything special.

Do not put up everything. Bring out the best. Let people only look at teh good stuff. It is evident from your work that you know what is good and what aint. So stick to the good stuff alone.

jeff said...

J'adore le côté très détendu de cette prise de vue !... Cette jeune femme a une envie de pouffer de rire et c'est très communicatif ! ! !

Amitiés !

Arnaud said...

@eloh : Yes, she was. Unfortunately, her boyfriend ? on the left of the shot also wanted to be on the picture. So I tried my best not to frame him, without real success.
@bEAST : I agree with you, but my yield is about 2-3 excellent pictures out of 1000. If I publish only those ones, my blog will not live more than one month !
@Jeff : Elle etait effectivement tres relax !

Babzy said...

Elle a vraiment l'air contente , on voit la vie en rose ;)

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