22 October 2009

Facing gods !

Old tractor facing small statues


Owen said...

Salut Arnaud... you knew I was going to love this one, I'm sure you did... and I'll bet that tractor is old, although just how old... hard to tell. And what is the story on the small statues the tractor is facing ???

PS My Word Verification (WV) is "panks", as in, "Panks very much por this picture !"

Patricia Torres said...

amazing character this pic has... The Gods are all over and looking every where!!

Anonymous said...

Didnt like it. Please have a look at the point of focus. Steering wheel? The camera just focused on to the center spot. Nothing good about this picture to me. Dont just point and shoot. try putting some character into the picture. Something unique. By the way, what equipment you using?

Do consider putting up a rating widget on the blog. Not all visitors comment. Some just like to click!

Pierre des Indes said...

@Anonymous - pity that your (constructive?) comments are anonymous.

@Arnaud - I like the angle from which you clicked this picture.

Arnaud said...

@Owen : The tractor looks old, but was no so... May be 5 years !
@Patricia : Gods are looking at everyone and everywhere, so doesn't it make sense ? :-P
@Anonymous : On this picture, where would you have focus ?
On the seat ? No.
On the wall ? No.
Only the Steering wheel remained interesting.
If I didn't put the left side of the wheel at the center, the bench would have been too important.
So if you can explain how to improve focus and/or framing of this specific picture I would be very interested.
In all your comments till now, you only criticize and provide "Photo for dummies" advices.
I would really like to have some constructive feedback like :
"you should have focus on the seat in order to ...", or
"you should have frame more on the left, so the composition would have been..."

@Pierre : Thanks ! :-P

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry if my comments offended you but the intentions were not such. Just came out with what I felt about the pictures. To me as an artist, criticism is very important. That is what tells us where we lack and how to improve. Just felt taht all the people commenting here were just coming about and leaving after saying "good pic", "wonderful pic" and not really teaching you anything or trying to help you at all. Your pics are good. Why else would I go through your blog and even come back if they wernt. But then there is a diff between remaining an amateur and trying to go pro.

Regarding the tractor, I would have focused on something rusty and shattered like the metal mudguards this tractor would have around the tyres. A slight shift of angle would have given you that shot. Even exposed engine part would have made a good focus point. Or ofcos you could go for the tried and tested method of focusing on teh idol of Shiv Ji (second last to teh right) as that always works!

Sorry again if I offended you. By the way im no pro! :D

Arnaud said...

@Anonymous : As you can see in my short profile :"I like photography and I want to share some of my pictures to have feedback and try to improve myself, if not too late ! ;-)". I'm really open to comment, but I expected constructive ones. This last is constructive by explaining me how I would have been able to improve it... So, thanks for your time and feedback !

Loulou said...

Dear Arnaud, hard to stay apart from such debate and you know me pretty well, I can't stay quiet too long ;-)
Having say that, my comment will go to you first to express my admiration towards your pictures so far. Won't go to much into details, there were some I liked, some others which didn't "touch" me at all, and some which are still in my memory, and certainly will remain part of me now.

Now, back to our "anonymous" contributor.
First of all, why "anonymous"? Is there anything good or bad to hide?
Providing feedbacks is always more than interesting and being "blogger" myself I value very much any feedback. Because people take some time to do that. Because people care for what you do. Because people want to leave some traces of their being, here, on this earth, virtually or not. Because some are able to build some relationship, photography and India being at the heart of the conversations and debates.

To be able to manage light, all technics related to photography is certainly what any photographer will tell he/she wants to reach.
There are some rules. Definitely. Some that will always work as you mentionned.
Some tips are good to know. There are some you don't even think about because you manage them so well.
What about "breaking the rules"? Maybe it is a new concept to you. Being not a pro you would be excused.
I was able to meet a great and talented Indian photographer in India. He said many interesting things such as, "there is no bad light, you should just learn how to manage it with your camera", "there are some rules, learn them all THEN you can break the rules and start doing someting different".
This last point is really at the heart of the discussion here.
Why should we do something that will always work? Why can't we try to explore some new angles? New ways of seeing, thinking, dreaming the world around?

"Anonymous" (really I'd rather use your name), that was just another point of view. Of course I am not objective since I have been following Arnaud for quite a while now, and he is a friend, so that meant to me.
We would be more than happy to see some of your works when you have some time.
Take care

Have a nice day everybody

Arnaud, where is your picture today????

jeff said...

Dans l'ensemble, les commentateurs, vous réfléchissez trop ! ! ! !
Anonymous is a big Connard !...and I weigh my words ! ! !
Anonymous, si t'as une paire de couilles, mets ton nom, pseudo ou je sais pas quoi, prends un appareil photo, va en Inde et rapporte autant de clichés qui puissent dégager une telle humanité, force... que peu importe l'engin... il y a l'ivresse !
A part le filtre UV et d'autres, le filtre à connard existe-t-il Arnaud ?...
T'inquiètes, je prends la responsabilité de ce que je raconte...! Mais quel con celui-là !...

Ciao Arnaud ! C'est parce que j'aime trop les tracteurs ! ! !
Amitiés !...;-)))

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