30 July 2010

Gold crafstman

Why does he wrap up a gold bangle in resin ?
Only to carve it easily


Clytie said...

The second shot is absolutely perfect. His eyes and glasses ... the tiny hammer ... the intricate work he's doing ... This picture has caught a rare moment in time - perfectly.

Babzy said...

wow, joli cliché de cet artisan en plein travail, bravo !

Owen said...

Did you bring it home with you for your significant other ?

Pierre des Indes said...

Très jolies photos

Arnaud said...

@Clytie : Thanks for your detailled feeback. I really like to understand how the people perceived my photographs.
@Babzy : Merci !
@Owen : No I didn't have time to wait, I was just passing by and glimpsing at him, make two steps back, clicked and go... Unfortunately didn't enjoy to share more time with this craftman ! :-(
@Pierre des Indes : Merci. De la part d'un amateur de gros plan sur le travail des artisans, j'apprecie beaucoup ! Au fait, faudra voir a changer ton pseudo, non ? :-)

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