28 April 2010

Special post

A very special dedicace to my daughter who is 11 today, with a portrait clicked 2 months ago at Holi festival, the festival of colors !


Owen said...

From a father of two daughters I can understand your pride, and rightly so, she's lovely, even covered in colors ! You're a lucky guy ! But soon will begin the teen years... good luck !

euthymia said...

:) Best wishes for your family and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER .) :) :)

Arnaud said...

@Owen : Thanks for your support and warning for the coming years ! :-P
@Euthymia : Many thanks. And thanks for your visit and comments !

Babzy said...

I wish her an awesome birthday ! what a cute daughter you have , may your day be full of colours :)

cara said...

Great shot - one I'm sure that will evoke strong memories as she grows up.

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