18 August 2009

On the way to CP's Baoli ...

Sunday, when going to Connaught Place's baoli, I overtook this ... thing :

I just clicked it when driving, so didn't spend too much time on it... ;-)

For the ones who would like to know what a baoli is, just have a look a those 2 pictures :

As you can see, a baoli is an old and deep excavation used to harvest rain during the moonsoon and store it for winter... Unfortunately, due to global warming (and waste thrown in it) it now never fill up !


MyVintageCameras said...

I love this! Engineering can be beautiful too. Unfortunate that they haven't been able to maintain it.

Babzy said...

Impressionnant ! L'Inde recéle de vrais trésors ... bien vu pour la première photo ;)

@eloh said...

Love the balloon picture.

The baoli pictures are fantastic. This is really interesting, what is that a rope? going down the steps?

Arnaud said...

@MyVintageCamera : It's under renovation and should be very nice in a few months.
@Babzy : Merci.
@eloh : Thanks. This is not a rope, it's just a flexible water pipe used by the workers for renovating and cleaning.

Annie said...

J'ai vu le même ( les ballons ) pas plus tard qu'avant hier, mais pas assez vite pour dégainer !!!!

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