31 March 2009

Thikse Monastery

Nothing really new in this picture !

30 March 2009

Hemis Monastery

Focus on a painted pillar

29 March 2009

Fancy Dress

"Eggplant" tourist

28 March 2009

End of Manali-Leh ride

After 4 days of ride, after almost 500 kms of roads, passes and very scenic landscape, we finally reached Leh !
Let now take the time to go around Leh and offer you a few pictures of Ladakh !

27 March 2009

Superb colors (Day 3)

Gorges after Rumtse

26 March 2009

Royal Enfield (Day 3)

In Rumtse

Coffeshop kids

Kids of the drinkwalla in Rumtse

25 March 2009

Moree Plain (Day 3)

Just after Pang Camp

Before reaching TangLang-La (5360m)

24 March 2009

23 March 2009

Lunar landscape (Day 3)

Just after Kangla Jal (4878m)

22 March 2009

Incredible ! (Day 3)

How those colors can be natural ?
Again without any saturation enhancement or post processing

21 March 2009

Sarchu plain (day 2)

Camp accomodation for the night

Alluvium deposit cuts by the river

20 March 2009


One of the numerous advices from BRTF

19 March 2009

Wonderful landscapes (Day 2)

Nice plain after Baralacha pass

Great colors without any added saturation

On the road again....

18 March 2009

Baralacha-La Road (Day 2)

Baralacha Pass ascent from Keylong side

17 March 2009

On the road (Day 1)

To RohtangLa

Rohtang pass in the clouds

16 March 2009

Only text...

Exceptionally, I only wrote few words and didn't post any picture...
Next coming posts will all be about a bike ride I made last summer from Manali to Leh, going through Himalaya mountains, from valley to passes, surrounded by magnificent landscapes.
I can't keep those images away from you !
Enjoy and stay tuned !

15 March 2009

BSA BB31 1957

The engine

14 March 2009

Camp on Ganga riverbank

Ganga Camp by night

13 March 2009

2 Teens in Mehrauli Archeological Park

They swapped their scarfs

12 March 2009

Sun baths

Who are those special guests taking sunbath ?

Monkey in the snow

11 March 2009

Snow in Kashmir

Garbage dump in the snow

Passengers must contribute to go higher

10 March 2009

Three kids in a village

Birla Mandir

Wedding Gauze and Birla Mandir

9 March 2009

Stag and Crane

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

8 March 2009

Canteen for all

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

7 March 2009

INA Market 3

Dal walla

Can walla

6 March 2009

INA Market 2

Backside of the market

Chicken feet

5 March 2009

INA Market 1

Before (below) and after (above) !

Smile !

4 March 2009

3 March 2009

Fireworks at Diwali 2

A Ghost and his circle of fire

Fireworks at Diwali

Delhi roofs

Red Fountain

2 March 2009

Sunset 2

Varkala again

Sky in fire

Sunset 1

In Varkala
No filter, No post-processing, just a 10s speed

Still no filter, not post-processing

1 March 2009

Sand Layers

Black beach in Varkala

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